Privacy statement

We guaranty at best effort to protect the user's privacy in system design and system operations, and our systems are carefully designed for very low networking fingerprints and no activity logging.


  • No logging of activities can be linked back to content or traffic on the m2 network
  • It is not possible for us or anyone else to provide access to such data on 3 party claims, because such data do not exist.
  • No messaging information exists on any central server. Messaging are purely peer to peer sending content only between the two computers involved in the messaging.

Users' computers

  • Local user data exist and are persisted, according to system functionality.
  • Any messaging information is on user choice deleted from local computer.
  • Any message and data is removed from both receiving and sender's computer within a time frame of sender's choice, default is 24 hours.

Circle memberships

  • Private circles do not use any directory server, and circle membership information is purely hold on each circle members local computer.
  • Public circle memberships, and by user choice, simple user information, are stored in circle directories.
  • No traffic or communications data are transported to and stored in any directory. Directories contain only membership information as it is shown in the application.
  • Directory services are operated by us, or by circle owner choice on other server installation.


  • No communication data is transported to the license service.
  • There are no link between communication and license checks.
  • No IP or identities are logged or transported to the license service.
  • There are no system link's between a circle and user identities and a license.

Licensing payments

  • Payments are done via subsidiary).
  • We do not keep and credit card or license holder information on our systems.
  • A payed license is delivered to the license holder as an order number for the holder's free choice of download without further identification.

m2 Secure AS is registered in Norway and act upon Norwegian privacy laws and regulations (Norwegian) .