The m2 Concept

m2 is for providing communication trust, implementing a new communication protocol and new applications with privacy first philosophies.

The core m2 networking uses this design techniques:

The result of this design is that either we or anyone else know by whom, when and how the applications using m2 core networking are used. There is no 3rd party insight into user activities on m2 circle. This insight is left out by design.


The applications delivered are divided into the following products

  • m2 Circle messenger
  • m2 Circle messenger branded
  • m2 Directory services software
  • m2 Licensing services software
  • m2 Core networking

m2 Circle messenger

Publicly available messenger (this product) for chat, voice an file exchange

m2 Circle messenger branded

We provide the messenger in branded versions for organizations to present them self with a dedicated messenger app.

m2 Directory services, software

Directory and user account service software support, the m2 public circle and also available for regular users or organizations for enabling their own private groups. This software also enables interfacing to existing directories.

m2 Directory is also a part of the m2 Circle branded versions, where the branded version include a dedicated circle supported by a m2 Directory installation.

m2 Licensing services, software

Additional licensing services and software, for application use. Integrated into the m2 Core networking client software.

m2 Core networking

The core peer to peer m2 network, containing client software and public servers for look-up and peer to peer connects. m2 Core networking client software are available for application use.


m2 Concept software is independent of 3rd party networking software, except for standard IP/UDP sockets, the operation system of the host, and Java with standard Java libraries.

All IP rights and trademarks to m2 and m2 products are held by the company m2 Secure AS, Org: NO-913072022, Norway


It is not possible to hide networking packet's traveling on the open Internet. Any networking activities are possible to monitor or intercept in any router or server along the way between two peers (computers). To maintain security and discretion, you must conceal the purpose of the packet's with various techniques, and this is what the M2 NETWORK do.

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