m2 Circle is conversations

  • In form of text messages and visuals.
  • In form of voice calls.

No registration anywhere is necessary, if you choose so, for full privacy and discretion.

Conversations are organized inside circles

A circle is a users domain with its own 'members' and its own rules of the memberships and rules of communication. Some circles are included in standard install, and more might be added by you or other users.

  • Public circle is the m2 official public user directory.

    Users must use either an email address or a phone number to identify. Email identities are verified by email callback, and phone numbers, identities are verified by SMS callback.

    Users don't have to register in public circle to use m2 Circle. It is there for the service.

  • Anonymous circle is the m2 NON registered user's domain.

    Users can freely create any identity and communicate with no formal identity control. Control of who is who are directly between the parties communicating.

  • The Twitter circle is linked to Twitter accounts and use the total Twitter memberships domain (coming up). The idea is: When discussing on twitter, switch to m2 Circle when need of privacy

Circles are physically isolated from each other, using separate networking services and no activities in one circle can be read from another circle.

Users conversations

m2 Circle communication occurs in the context of individual conversations. This is the same as any other messenger systems.

  • All members and participants of a conversation share the same messages and data.

Special conversation handling functionality in m2 Circle:

  • Participants get messages delivered when active directly from the other members, not from any central message server.

  • A message can be deleted instantly by the sender at all participants feed and message history.

  • Time to live of messages is controlled by the sender of a message. A message might be deleted automatically for ex. in one hour after sending, from all participants feed and message history.

  • A conversation can be deleted with all their historical messages and data, from all participants in the conversation, by any participant of a conversation.

  • A conversation can be logged by any participant of a conversation, but all parties of the conversation gets informed and can cancel the logging at any time.

Memberships and users identities inside a circle

Each user stores and hold knowledge about other users locally and this knowledge must be obtained from some sources, for example:

  • By knowing the identity of the person from somewhere

  • Agreed in other communication channels (mail, FB, SMS etc)

  • Retrieved from a circle directory

  • Retrieved from existing user directories, like for Ex. Twitter. (Coming up)

The m2 Network do not contain readable user identities and there is no central users register on the m2 network itself for active or passive users.

  • Look-up (user service connect to another user service) is done by a random hash via a set of neutral look-up servers.

  • Connections to the network are ad-hoc, the hash identity only exists on the network while user is on.

  • Connection follows the user hash, not the user IP address and the address might change during a connection. (for ex. when switching network between 3g/4g and wifi on a mobile device)

  • Look-up servers do not need permanently to store any identities and are therefore they operate hash identities entirely in server memory.

See also more explanations here.

Make your own circles

With the app you are able to enable new circles:

  • Make small private circles for friends and self organizing groups without any users directory for easy to do and good privacy (included).

  • Make circles with a directory user registry and use m2 Directory software for users administration.

    m2 Directory is runnable from anywhere, also from a home network PC.

    (need agreement for m2 directory)

  • Integrate m2 circle into existing directories like a company active directory.

    (need agreement for directory software and some programming)

  • Integrate m2 circle into existing web sites user directories.

    (need agreement for directory software and some programming)

Read more about creating circles