Leif Auke, Team leader and developer

Leif is senior Java and .net system architect, developer and programmer with 25 years of core development experience. Leif is idea maker and leader of the team.


  • m2circle: leif
  • Skype: leifauke
  • mail: leif at auke dot no
  • phone: +47 926 55 195

Huy Do, Lead developer

Huy is a senior Java and .net system designer, idea maker, developer and programmer with 10 years of core development experience. Huy is responsible for implementations and development teams


  • m2circle: huy
  • Skype: domanhhuy


Auke team is located in Norway, registered as a private company under the name of Auke Consult, org nr: no-986224637 and operate under Norwegian law's and regulations.